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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Once in a blue moon

A little bit fortunate tonight to find that the night is still young and worthwhile for me to revert to my long lost humor and put on another piece of writing.

Time passes like flashes of light. There are few more days to go from today before my working duration hits 7 months, though it's been looking like a decade. All this while I've been wondering if I've been wandering in the wrong place.

Career, something that often worries me whereby I've been constantly questioning myself if I've been going after the right track. I knew this wasn't my path to trail and I'm eager to make a little change but for the sake of what that is still down to me.

Just about 7 months ago when I stumbled into working in Singapore, little did I expect to face culture shock finding difficulties in adapting to life away from my hometown. In fact, the culture and atmosphere in this neightbourhood country are indifferent. I was merely astounded by the fact that I'm no longer a student and I need a break to accept this revolution. It all happened so quickly that I didn't even have ample time to digest what was happening around me, but certainly I never regretted my decision.

There were so much hopes and anticipations before I began to exchange my schooling life with the working life, though months later the dreams vanished. Tiredness and hecticness are parts of those which destroyed my hope, and my lacking attitude itself also should take the blame. Throughout the working period I realise I didn't have huge interest in my current profession as a site engineer. What I did was merely blinking both my eyes hoping that the day will end soon, but of course I did hold my responsibilities as well as I could.

I learned some little things throughout this period of 7 months. I dug out my weaknesses more than my strengths.

My weaknesses :
1. Always let the nerve got the best out of me, which leads to stress at work.
2. Immature in dealing with things and people.
3. Poor management of time and paperwork, not systematic enough.
4. Pessimism
5. Not a good decision maker, greatly dependent on others when it comes to making decision.
6. Unfirm, get easily shaken off.
7. Neglected my friends because of working.
8. Began to stick with unhealthy lifestyle.
9. Poor understanding, stubborn minded.
10. Slow in improvising.

I'm glad to know where my weak points lied at. At least, I have slightly improved on some of them nowadays, or perhaps not. Deep inside I knew if I were to carry on with my current profession for maybe to the extent of years later with a positive mind, I might polish off the said weaknesses and become a great figure. Because engineers are always trained to be great!

Every morning when I got awake, the thought of forfeiting my current job kept calling. I don't like to think about giving up half way. It's always easy to retreat, but to stay on and put on the real fight is the breathtaking part.

So, to bring this to an end I came out with the idea of sorting out the good and bad points of my current job which will help with my decision.

The Good Points (12 pts)
  1. A good platform for me to learn, without huge pressure from the top management or bosses. (1 pts)
  2. Great to work and learn alongside with several great figures, such as the residential engineer, the team leader, those working alongside me and some of the subcons. (2 pts)
  3. A good place for me to learn to become a more systematic guy. (1 pts)
  4. The pay is not too bad. (1 pts)
  5. Not boring as my job requires me to not just stay in the office but also mobilize myself around physically at site. (1 pts)
  6. If I don't carry on with this job, what else can I do? I haven't even decided. (2 pts)
  7. It helps to create strong character. (2 pts)
  8. Staying abroad, learn to heave an independent attitude away from home. (0.5 pts)
  9. Relaxing and flexible working style, the job is based on the progress on my site, and for what I have accomplished. My movement is not quite monitored unlike working in the office. (1.5 pts)
The Bad Points (15.5 pts)
  1. This job is risky and dangerous, staying less aware will jeopardize my life. (2 pts)
  2. Tiring, need to stay up for late casting which makes my home time less. (1 pts)
  3. I don't speak proper English here, talk many many lousy nonsense, die die must cast. (1.5 pts)
  4. Sometimes a supervisor.
  5. Work under hot sun.
  6. Saturday also working, sometimes sunday also working. (1 pts)
  7. Less time for friends and family. (1.5 pts)
  8. The site itself has problems, things done with no firm approval and drawings are not confirmed. (0.5 pts)
  9. It's a professional job, but not really professional. (1 pts)
  10. Feel a bit confined, restricted to site area. (1 pts)
  11. Learn to have strong temper. (1 pts)
  12. Unhealthy, hazardous. (2 pts)
  13. It's not really what I want. (3 pts)
So, this has so far been a standpoint of mine which will hint my next imminent steps.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A dangerous call

So... this is a very close look to my life as a site engineer.
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