Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Photos by my New Canon EOS400d

Got my new camera few weeks ago, had taken a lot of photos and here I uploaded a few of them which I think are nice...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reviving DB

I will try to constantly post up some news obtained from other sites like thestar.com.my, nst.com.my, news.bbc.co.uk, and so on. I guess that's one way to revive doubleclicker.co.nr, a site which has been inactive for almost one year. Hope fully those joining the forum will also post up some news there, especially issues of local crimes to bring up awareness amongst our families, friends, or just normal acquantainces.

So, here's it.

Click on the link below to enter...


Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Been Long

Yeah it really has been long since I've last updated my blog. It's not because I was busy doing something else, just that my mood wasn't really onto the world of blogging recently somemore with the fact that I was really having no ideas of what to blog about. If my posts have been read through for a couple of times you might notice that I actually seldom blog about my daily life activities, hardly expressing my concealed feelings or whatsoever and I usually prefer to express my opinions about some facts and understandings of life. Well, that's exactly what I want to be, a profound philosopher. I don't profess myself as someone with great understanding of life, by the way I'm just a learner of life who tries to share what I think I know, and absorbs what I think I should know. Well that's the tzeteng at the moment and I do hope this feeling isn't a kind of "3 minutes heat", I hope it lasts long.

Talking about 3 minutes heat I seriously have to admit that I did face several occasions in which the motivation suddenly fades when it was initially seen as if things were so fired up. Just like www.doubleclicker.co.nr, I still visit that site once in a while to prevent it from dying, however, little or perhaps no more enthusiasism do I have to revive it back to where it was last time.

Well, at least I still try to update my blog nowadays, maybe not as frequent as my friends do, but once in 1 or 2 months I believe is still okay right? hehe...

I'll be back to Kuching on 15 November this year and back to Penang again on 14 December which means my holidays last for about 1 month. Nothing much will be done during the holidays except spending time with friends and family and not to forget too, as usual, a gathering will be organized hopefully with more excitements and unforgotten memories this time, lol. Missing Kuching very much? Especially friends and family? Well in this case I can't really say no, but I do have to emphasize that I enjoy my life in Penang and even if I am back to Kuching I too will miss my friends and life in Penang, well it's been some time me in Penang, obviously isn't it?

Something that I face nowadays is very few people seem to believe my spoken words because most of the time I went beyond the boundary limit, terribly and unncessarily faking some facts for some unnecessary reasons. I couldn't blame anyone but myself for not being true enough most of the time, and I deserved being stared by others in suspicious manner even though I speak out the truth at times.

Other than that, I would like to emphasize on the importance of "moderation" in life. It's always important to take things in moderation, neither too far nor too near should we go. How good we measure the moderation is how much the wisdom we've got. If you want to have jokes, make it moderately, perhaps once in a while, instead of transforming your whole dialogue into jokes every time, that will certainly diminish others's beliefs towards you. When you eat, take the food in moderation instead of taking them in bulk or in extremely small quantity, that will certainly spoil your appetite sooner or later. If you want to show that you care about someone, be wise enough and never do a character that is not you, because you might cause others to feel uncomfortable and disgusted with such an unusual habit. When you study about something, never ever be too obsessed unless you are aware of where your boundary limit is, otherwise it might bring long term adverse effect to you although you might have achieved what you want, attaining temporary inner satisfaction, nevertheless destroying your other happinesses that never have you speculated. If you start a habit of sleeping late, let it be due to some reasons instead of treating it as your long term habit. To describe it as a routine that can be hardly changed is just a lame excuse, things are just up to your preferance and determination. Sleeping late I believe deteriorates our health and making ourselves lazier and lazier. That's why moderation is very important in life. Nurture it in your mind, your soul and I believe you can make a positive difference in yourself not only mentally, physically as well. Even though you take something more than usual at times, still, make it in the range of moderation that is humanly conceiveable. Life with moderation is a life worthwhile living.

So that's all for now, just a "short" update from me. I wish my juniors who are going to seat for SPM and STPM all the best and get straight A1s in SPM and 4.00 in STPM then come USM hehe... though with such great results you can always go for better choices.

Erm... lastly, there's again something as usual like I did last time, but anyway anyhow this is the latest one so if you're interested in answering my questions about how much you know me, then go ahead with it.

Here's it...

Create your own Friend Test here

Best Regards

tzeteng aka Javier Saviola

Monday, July 9, 2007

What's On Your Desk?

Tagged by >>Kimberly, then by Yen Pin.

Slow reply I had, apologize I shall.

Without leaning forward too much, within arm's reach on your desk what are?

Very few things there are. In campus I am. Quite empty the desk is, because still early the time is...

My Computer
My Documents
My Handphone
Files and Folders
Pencil Case

Tag no one I will...

See you again I shall but not so soon it will be.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

International Chess Competition

There was this international chess competition which was held by St John Ambulance Stampin on 30 June 2007. It was open to all Gaporians and a lot of juniors and seniors were there helping to make it successful.

Most of us were not very familiar with the rules and regulations of International Chess, hence the competition wasn't carried out very smoothly.

Kelvin Thian (The school leader) was the organizer...

Those who went to help were...

1. Siong Kai
2. Ying Ying
3. Joanne
4. Wan Jiun
5. Pei Ni
6. David
7. Micheal
8. Tze Teng
9. Victor
10. Ker Sing
11. Su Han
12. Chiou Yann
13. Johnny Kua
14. Cui Han
15. Ek Guan
16. Jing Jing
17. Wei Ling
18. Kimberly
19. Grace Tee
20. Sim Yi
21. Cindy Kong
22. Doris Yii
23. Shyh Ning
24. Rachel Lim
25. Sean Chen

And there were 40 participants but only 35 were present on that day.

The competition was supposedly started at 8am but due to some unwanted circumstances it was delayed to 9am.

Initially it was group stage, also known as Time Challenge Stage, each game must be finished within 25 minutes and if the time was exceeded, a draw would be given.

At about 10.45am we started the Knock-Out Stage and the whole competition was completed before 1pm.

Like mentioned previously, most of us were not familiar with International Chess.


And some question marks were...

When a player has a lonely king left, will the opponent have limited steps to checkmate him/her?

When a player takes up a piece without making a step, is he/she obligated to complete a move for that piece? Or can he/she pull it back to its initial position?

When a game is at fault, like both the players don't notice that the king is in check and there have been a few moves after that, should they restart the game? Or should the player who is in check considered checkmated?

When there are 3 repeated moves made by a player continuously, is there something to be done?

When a pawn reach one end, can it only be converted into the unit of its own that has died, or can it be converted to anything, meaning that if a player has 8 pawns reaching the end, it can have 8 queens or 8 rooks, for instance?

And is this reasonable? Someone claimed that the fifth ranked pawn can make this kind of move...


Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Bye My Love

Do you like your boyfriend/girlfriend to always request a report from you of what have you been doing all the time?

Or do you like to report to your boyfriend/girlfriend of what you did, and what you did?

The question is...

Is it really necessary?

When both of you go for a date, what’s the first thing you do?

Do some praising like…

“Hey, I like the way you look today”
“You know what, you’re going to make me proud today”
“You look like a superstar, sweetheart”

Or we can simply become a little bit more humorous like…
“Oh my god! Is that you?”
“Wow, can you marry me?”

Or we can hurt them like…
“Sorry, I have another girl”
“I don’t like you anymore, sorry”
“You are boring, aren’t you?”
“I don’t feel like hanging out with you anymore, I think that’s all for us”

Or do you tend to ask for a report from your lover?
“What have you been doing today?”
“Tomorrow what do you do?”
“Just now you did what?”

Or perhaps when you call him/her…

“What are you doing now, dear?”
“Me ar… doing nothing lo”
“Hey, today I went to One Utama, after that I… then I… and then I… wow it was so fun you know! Then harr… I… then I… then I… then I…”

What do puppy couples do? I’m not sure how they do… but I’ve seen some of them saying something like…
“Say you love me please, say how much you love me”
“Trust me, I really love you, you’re the best and I will love you forever, dear”

It’s difficult for adult couples to say “I love you” because they just don’t simply say it out… but for those puppy kids, they tend to say it or else their partners will be unhappy…

Is your love really true? Or is it permanent?

During dating period, we used to hang out together, keeping our hands tight together, never let go, was so afraid to let you go… But when we became parents, it was weird for us to do that anymore… It’s very normal, isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other anymore, it’s just that we do not express our love in the way we did before…

Love at first sight doesn’t really work all the time and even if it does, it can’t promise anything, can it?

Before marriage everything was so sweet, but after marriage things turned bitter. Have anyone ever thought of taking precaution out of this? Or do you just love the way he/she is, and that’s it!

Just because they love the way we are, it doesn’t mean they will love those around us like our parents and so on… What if few years after your marriage, you wife/husband insists of sending your parents to old folks home? What if he/she mistreats your parents? What if your wife/husband has some unbearably bad habit that you only notice after your marriage? Just because of who they are before the marriage, it doesn’t mean that it will be who they are after the marriage, because we never get close enough to know who they really are.

Love can be permanent but we still have to admit that it is fading everyday, by a little bit especially after marriage.

First time…

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m tzeteng…”


“You look pretty today”


“We’ve known each other for 10 years, could you marry me now?”

After marriage…

“Hi, I’m back from work… Bye, I’m off to work again”


“Why don’t you look after our son/daughter? It’s your job anyway!”

Old age…


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We were born knowing nothing. The mind was initially blank but it was absorptive, and because of that, the life with sweets and bitters started.

From that moment on, we started learning and seeking our paths.

We tend to hate someone who mistreats us, to be sad when we feel lonely, and so on. These are all the ups and downs in our life and every time they happen, learning seems to interfere and whether we like it or not, it will never stop bettering ourselves, instilling the ideal in all of us.

Greed? Jealousy? Hatred? Popularity? Arrogance? Or perhaps, simply with the concept of “Winning is everything” would unsettle our minds. Nobody really wants to lose, and people are always trying to show that they do something when they do something, aren’t they? Ultimately, the wisest act is to do something without being honored and yet, you never feel like craving for popularities and honors because you have already reached the peaceful state in your mind. And all that “known” and “unknown” won’t possibly screw you up anymore.

Jealousy arises when the trust and confidence are lacking. If the trust and confidence are put wrongly, or put at the wrong side, it’ll be worthless to get jealous. We aren’t getting what we’re supposed to get, that’s unfair and it’s the nature of human to get jealous and unsatisfied for that. And those who oppose the nature aren’t necessarily abnormal, in fact they have learnt to let go the unnecessary, keeping a peaceful state of mind.

Sometimes we might be the most immature person if we think that we are mature. And because of such thinking we may create arrogance in ourselves. To think that we know something, perhaps we never really know anything. To think that we’re better, perhaps we’re worse. To feel like winning all the time, perhaps we are losing ourselves more and more. It’s never wrong to think that we’re the better sides for the boost of self-confidence, but it’s absurd to occupy that thinking as a form of arrogance. If we’re mature, we won’t be arrogant because that’s not the act of wisdom.

Hatred? It enters our mind very easily and almost nothing can stop that if we never learn to control it. The negative behaviors in this world are so obvious and so few that when you feel them, instantly you hate them. And the more you think about them, the more they heat you up. That’s the nature of human.

Sometimes there are people in this world whom we really dislike because they’re just too terrible and horrible, and we can’t seem to look at their positive sides. If we continue thinking like this, we never learn to give away chances and in the meantime, we cease our learning, making another step farther in achieving a peaceful state of mind.

Life is supposedly a peaceful path with a lot of side ways that attract our immature minds. Up to now, we have almost entered all of them. Without those branches we’ll never know who we are and how strong we can be. The deeper we enter the higher the risk we hold and no matter how far we’ve slipped away from the initial path, we’ll still make a comeback one day. It’s just a matter of time and conscience.

Staying too long in those branches without making a comeback will definitely shape poor personalities which might be permanent. The only way to avoid being condemned is the ability to let go. The first few times we slip we might find ourselves staying unconscious for very long and hardly make a comeback. However, when we start learning to make a comeback, we get closer to our initial path which is by then with greater maturity and conscience and doesn’t let us slip that easily anymore.

After all, life is all about learning and the strongest enemy that can stop the learning process is ourselves, the failure to let go. Undoubtedly, doing it is not as easy as saying it, but it’s not impossible with firm determination and principle. It depends on the way we perceive things, how we allow our minds to absorb what is right and recycle what is not so right.

Life can be so tough and yet it can be so fragile too. If every step isn’t taken carefully we may end up being a retarded person. The right things are so obvious in this world that when you see them, you know they’re the right ones. And sometimes by opposing human nature we get to know the “necessary” and “unnecessary”, learning the wisdom and the ability to let go.

Life is so full of possibilities and obstacles that everyone has to endure with, and it doesn't really matter how unfair and mean the obstacles are, just be sure that we always make a strong comeback; a comeback to the initial path which is now of greater wisdom and conscience; a comeback that makes a big difference in ourselves; a comeback that we never anticipate; and most importantly a comeback to the peaceful path…


Friday, May 25, 2007

Mr. Chieng Leaving Today

This is Mr. Chieng.

He used to be very patient to his students, putting endless efforts in teaching them and even exhaustion has never stopped him. A very funny person he is not because he's good in amusement, but his attitude is naturally funny.

"We used to disappoint you, playing, sleeping and doing other things in class and because of that we hardly lived up to your expectation. Yet, you never blamed us for that. It's a shame of us for not being able to do anything except saying sorry. "

Today, right at the moment I'm writing this, he's leaving for Australia and probably is not coming back to Malaysia anymore. He has immigrated there to be with his family.

With all of our heart, we wish you all the best in everything and have a happy life in Australia.

Thank you, Mr. Chieng.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


First time we met, our conversation went like…

You : See what see?
Me : I no see you le.
You : Don’t pretend la!
Me : ……
(Then you just stared at me in horrific manner while I looked at other direction seemingly to avoid you.)

I remember once we were all in my uncle’s house which was still under renovation. I was trying to show off to you all by jumping off a double-decker. It wasn’t very high, but I didn’t notice at all there was a spinning fan just above my head and it was extremely dangerous. Furthermore I was just a kid and could have lost my fragile head if I really had started jumping off. You managed to stop me from the attempt just in time. Thanks for saving my life.

I still remember that moment, when we used to walk together to the tuition centre, and on our way there, we would always have some funny conversations and jokes childishly trying to be a better joker. Remember that we always provoked the puppies in the bushes near the tuition centre, gaining their attentions to chase us so that we could run to our destination with them. But they always ended up staring and barking at us helplessly outside the gate, how excited we were.

We used to argue for unimportant matters, get angry and jealous easily, and even curse each other sometimes. When something went wrong, we always blamed one another even though we did not know the truth, and neither did we try to seek about it. We always wanted to be on the winning edge and having cold war had used to be the climate but it did not last very long since we were facing each other everyday.

Do you remember how we cheated in exams even though we sat far apart from each other when we were in primary school? It was like I signaled you and indicated the question number through the movement of my head. Once you acknowledged that, you would use other tricks to show me the answer. For example, by clicking your tongue would imply “D” as the answer, yawning is “A”, meowing silently is “C” and so on. We even had complete answer sheet for BM objective tests in school because we got the book earlier in tuition centre. It was placed inside our pencil box during the tests, we were the fastest to finish, scored highest too. We controlled our marks and had always made it almost full like 38 out of 40, repeatedly for every test. Until one day a friend noticed that and threatened to tell our teacher, we stopped doing that since then.

I remember one year (primary 1 or 2), you were like an enemy to me. We always fought, I hit you and you hit me back. There was once in the classroom when you were walking back to your seat, I put out my leg to make you fall down and you cried. Immediately my face turned red and my legs were trembling so badly as I feared the teacher would come after me. The next day you and another friend complained to my mum.

There was one day, we had fishing and somewhat due to impatience a few of us wildly got down the river and started fishing using hands and plastic bags. It was more efficient than using fishing rods and we successfully caught a lot of fishes. Sadly, they were all dead the next day. We would have released them earlier if we weren’t that cruel and naughty.

Chasing each other had always been a routine when we were in primary school. For no reason we just ran to one another and then started chasing until I got you, then you chased me back. During recess time, we would run to the canteen for our food, just like running for our life. Occasionally the teachers were in time there to pinch our ears. We only stopped running for our life when we were in secondary school.

I used to play and munch my handkerchief disgustingly making it so wet and used the tip of it to hurt others for no reason. I remember once you were sitting behind me, I can't recall the argument we had, but I did take out my wet handkerchief and smack you. You cried while I pretentiously acted like nothing went wrong.

Even after entering secondary school, we were still as naughty as before. Some of us were separated and some remained in the same class. I remember during recess time we used to rush to the canteen for “Kak, Cucur lima”, “Bang, Mi Jawa satu”, “Karipap lima” and so on. Everyone was squeezing hard to get their food and there were no teachers standing by to pinch our ears right in time. It was different than in primary school where the pupils lined up in order.

In form 1, you used to pinch me without any reason and then I would bounce back. We always fought recklessly and that was why we became “famous” in the class. I remember once, during form 4, due to constant annoyance by you in lab, I thoughtlessly pushed you down the chair and everyone in the lab including the teacher was looking at you, how embarrassing. But then, you still kept on annoying me.

While others have been spending their weekdays for homework and tuition, we had been wasting our time for football and Starcraft. We never really did our homework, always ended up copying blindly from others the next day. That was why during lessons we often got ourselves busy with copying others’ homework. Remember once during form 3 a nicely colored graph borrowed from a friend was destroyed by Cikgu Suhaimi? It was because we did irrelevant things during his lesson and we deserved the embarrassment, but our friend did not deserve losing her precious work that had to be submitted on that day.

Last time, we used to walk home after finished our school activities and visit Ah Meng Store to have drinks. When we were there, each of us would order 2-4 glasses of drinks, the table was always flooded even though there were just two of us. I think Uncle Ah Meng must be feeling pretty disappointed for not seeing us nowadays… lol.

We joined St John at the same time, but you gave up on it much earlier. We went for a lot of public and parade duties together and dominated the list in that particular year. We were so keen to join activities and never rejected any task and duty. There was a quote which we always used to yell at each other, “If you smell what the rock is cooking”. I remember once during a school sports day duty session in stadium, we were constantly disturbing the runners by persuading them to buy the “Dettol”s from First Aid Kit at reasonable price. No one was able to spot us causing the trouble because we were at a corner. You gave up on St John not long after that.

Remember what we did in class to stop teachers from coming over our seats to check our exercises? We put open umbrellas near the seats to stuck the place, ie to block the teacher's way. Somehow it only worked when there was raining. We showed how disrespectful we were by eating Mamee in the class while teachers were teaching. Remember in form 3? While others have been politely calling for teachers by raising up their hands or just "Cikgu/Teacher", you had done the reverse. You made "snake-hissing" sound to call for one of the teachers, how rude! Not only that, you told our sejarah teacher that all the teachers were "penakut" to face the gangsters in school, leaving bad impression to her. I will always remember the quote you used to provoke Cikgu Sohsamah ... "Sebab cikgu takut"...

Remember Socceroos? It was our first ever soccer team in secondary school, we broke the rule by secretly recruiting outsider to play for us, nevertheless we still lost. Remember SVG our first ever CS clan? And still remember how did we violate the rules in utopia game? With 11 out of 25 provinces in the same kingdom controlled by our own friends and they were all deleted at the same time, making the kingdom so innocent to have lost half of the players. We were too obsessed in the Utopia game.

In form 4 we spent a lot of time in cybercafés, didn’t realize how hard the money was earned. Besides, we had been slack in our studies and getting last few positions in class really served us right. We woke up in form 5, and it was not too late for us to amend. There were plenty of helpful friends who helped us to cope with studies. Without them, we might have done worse.

I remember that I kept bombarding you with questions. You never looked bothered and had been kept busy explaining to me. Because of you I started learning to think by myself. Because of you, I became more aware. Because of you, I ceased my negative learning and started moving in the right direction. Because of you, my life has changed. It was all because of you, my friends.

During form 6, we were caught by teacher playing paper airplanes and managed to escape though. At times, we even faked “gang fight” and it seemed real enough to lure the attention of everyone. I remember one day, we went playing paper airplanes in the school and there was no one else there except the school guards. Soon, the school ground was flooded by the paper airplanes and one of the guards came to us and warned us to empty the place right away.

There were so many terrible things you and I may have done. Sometimes things were ruined because of me and sometimes you were the one who ruined everything. After all, we did reflect on what we have done, didn’t we? Without these happenings I will never possibly learn to treasure the friendship between us.

Today, I feel lucky and thankful for ever having you as my best friends. Hopefully after all the unfair things I’ve done, I am still your faithful friend, am I?

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