Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Big group went visiting

Today, the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, me and my friends went bai nian at about 10 houses starting from Wan Jiun's house, then Cikgu Lee, Kevin, Chiou Yann, Me, Alice, Micheal, Siong Kai, Victor, Chin Sue, Joanne, Tay... do I miss out anyone?

There was indeed a big group of us consisting of nearly 30 ppl, let me recall who were they... erm...

1. Wan Jiun
2. Wen Liang
3. Pei Ni
4. Jun Lin (Not Chiung Lin)
5. Alice
6. Lee Sze
7. Kah Yee
8. Ai Ling
9. Melissa
10. Ker Sing
11. Victor
12. Siong Kai
13. Ying Ying
14. Micheal
15. Joanne
16. Maw Jin
17. Lee Ping
18. Sophia
19. Chiou Yann
20. Wen Ting
21. Su Han
22. Hui Xin
23. Nguan Soon
24. Kevin
25. David
26. Chang Ted
27. Tze Teng
28. Pravind

Do I miss out anyone?

Sorry my friends, for not serving most of you properly in my house today, there were just too many of you, and I'm still the same old tzeteng who got embarrassed quite easily in certain social situations, didn't really know how to act like a man with great calmness. Hopefully there is improvement next year. Anyway, today was a great day, I guess most of us really enjoyed ourselves. It was really nice to meet each other again, although we got very tired after visited so many houses.

Set to gather at Wan Jiun's house at 9am, although I was a little bit late (9.45am sth). There were only a few of us driving and initially, Chang Ted (Da Ge) was very worried about the transport. He has always been like a big brother who takes initiative to settle things down.

Ted : Teng you got drive?
Teng : No of course, I walked here, u didn't c my shirt kena raindrop meh?
Ted : Shit la, we have so many ppl here, really need more drivers la, if not how can we go bai nian...

(After that he kept worrying non-stop and asking around if there're others driving)

A while later...

Ted : Teng when wanna leave? We at (Cikgu Lee's house) very long oledi, can't let siong kai, tay, lee sze, etc (at WJ's house) wait that long la...
Teng : Nvm la, just let them wait for 1-2 hours.. it's ok one... they got topics to talk mah..
Ted : Not good la really, have to leave faster...

(A while later we left and gathered, went to another house)

That's the Chang Ted our big brother of same age, never changed since last time.

We had our perfect CNY lunch thanks to Micheal. Her mum cook us a nice meal :D ... Another significant person today, Siong Kai, who had various CNY quotes in his mind was unstoppably expressing his extraordinary wishes quotes to everyone differently. "Ma Dao Gong Chen", "Sheng Ti Jian Kang" and a lot more that I actually never heard, unlike the rest of us just saying merely the same thing everytime ... "Happy New Year..... happy new year... happy new year.... and yet still happy new year..."

It's really nice to have met Ai Ling and Melissa today, we haven't been meeting each other for more than 2 years. I thought Ai Ling is in China pursuing her study and only today I found out she's in UPM, Selangor, that means still very near to us. As for Melissa, the last time I met her was in her house, during her birthday in year 2004.

Some photos for glance.

Group photo taken in Tay's house. (Last Stand)

Legally drunk...

Chang Ted, who hasn't been back to kch for some time, was craving for ang paos until he had to take them off the walls.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

This is my first time writing a blog. Before this, I did tell some of my friends that if I were to start blogging, it would mean I might be having stressful time. In this case it doesn't really happen like that. Instead, I just feel like want to start my own blog, write what I want to write although it's quite difficult for me to keep on updating this new blog. It's chinese new year 2007 anyway, new year = new thought. No wonder I always have some new ideas recently... lol :D

Firstly, I want to wish all my friends, relatives, teachers(Stampin) and my family, a wonderful golden piggy chinese new year of 2007. I added some photos/pictures upon my wishing.

It's not funny okay? :D Seriously, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. I know most of us have had ups and downs, but they're just parts of life that everyone has to go through. At least we still make ourselves present (some don't) in the hometown today, relishing the true meaning of CHINESE NEW YEAR. GONG XI FA CHAI! So fully enjoy yourself these few days, procrastinate your tasks and assignments without hesitation, what happen after chinese new year we talk about it later okay... :D

Photos of 2 pigs taken in my house.

So the friendly "bombing" period from 11pm-1am has just passed. Totally in CNY mood, I moved to front of my pc, open up windows messenger and sensed something quite different.

OMG... What's wrong Chiou Yann? You made me think of Edmund and Alison who are so eager to be in Kuching now but this year they have to spend it overseas, Ed in Australia, Alison & Mee Hung in UK.

Ed in Australia looking back at Kuching.

"2007 is a year to remember because there's totally no CNY celebration for me." - A close friend of mine told me this. (Don't worry, it's going to be different next year onwards.)

Yeah yeah it's chinese new year we have to be more open, carefree and cheerful. But I still want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to my friends if I have mistreated some of you, or if I've ever made unwanted mistakes to you all. (Especially Siong Kai, Chiung Lin, Pei Ni, Chiou Yann, Amy...)

Okay, finally my first blog is successfully completed. I wonder if there is second one, lol. How am I going to spread the blog to my dear friends? Is it by spamming like this...

Please join doubleclicker...
Please join doubleclicker...
Please join doubleclicker...
Please join doubleclicker...

By the way the forum is dead now. No time (actually no idea how) to revive it. :D

I still have tonnes of tasks and assignments that are left undone, rejected some outings with friends because of that. Having written my first blog is just one kind of procrastination during CNY so please don't think I'm too boring to have nothing to do.

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