Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We were born knowing nothing. The mind was initially blank but it was absorptive, and because of that, the life with sweets and bitters started.

From that moment on, we started learning and seeking our paths.

We tend to hate someone who mistreats us, to be sad when we feel lonely, and so on. These are all the ups and downs in our life and every time they happen, learning seems to interfere and whether we like it or not, it will never stop bettering ourselves, instilling the ideal in all of us.

Greed? Jealousy? Hatred? Popularity? Arrogance? Or perhaps, simply with the concept of “Winning is everything” would unsettle our minds. Nobody really wants to lose, and people are always trying to show that they do something when they do something, aren’t they? Ultimately, the wisest act is to do something without being honored and yet, you never feel like craving for popularities and honors because you have already reached the peaceful state in your mind. And all that “known” and “unknown” won’t possibly screw you up anymore.

Jealousy arises when the trust and confidence are lacking. If the trust and confidence are put wrongly, or put at the wrong side, it’ll be worthless to get jealous. We aren’t getting what we’re supposed to get, that’s unfair and it’s the nature of human to get jealous and unsatisfied for that. And those who oppose the nature aren’t necessarily abnormal, in fact they have learnt to let go the unnecessary, keeping a peaceful state of mind.

Sometimes we might be the most immature person if we think that we are mature. And because of such thinking we may create arrogance in ourselves. To think that we know something, perhaps we never really know anything. To think that we’re better, perhaps we’re worse. To feel like winning all the time, perhaps we are losing ourselves more and more. It’s never wrong to think that we’re the better sides for the boost of self-confidence, but it’s absurd to occupy that thinking as a form of arrogance. If we’re mature, we won’t be arrogant because that’s not the act of wisdom.

Hatred? It enters our mind very easily and almost nothing can stop that if we never learn to control it. The negative behaviors in this world are so obvious and so few that when you feel them, instantly you hate them. And the more you think about them, the more they heat you up. That’s the nature of human.

Sometimes there are people in this world whom we really dislike because they’re just too terrible and horrible, and we can’t seem to look at their positive sides. If we continue thinking like this, we never learn to give away chances and in the meantime, we cease our learning, making another step farther in achieving a peaceful state of mind.

Life is supposedly a peaceful path with a lot of side ways that attract our immature minds. Up to now, we have almost entered all of them. Without those branches we’ll never know who we are and how strong we can be. The deeper we enter the higher the risk we hold and no matter how far we’ve slipped away from the initial path, we’ll still make a comeback one day. It’s just a matter of time and conscience.

Staying too long in those branches without making a comeback will definitely shape poor personalities which might be permanent. The only way to avoid being condemned is the ability to let go. The first few times we slip we might find ourselves staying unconscious for very long and hardly make a comeback. However, when we start learning to make a comeback, we get closer to our initial path which is by then with greater maturity and conscience and doesn’t let us slip that easily anymore.

After all, life is all about learning and the strongest enemy that can stop the learning process is ourselves, the failure to let go. Undoubtedly, doing it is not as easy as saying it, but it’s not impossible with firm determination and principle. It depends on the way we perceive things, how we allow our minds to absorb what is right and recycle what is not so right.

Life can be so tough and yet it can be so fragile too. If every step isn’t taken carefully we may end up being a retarded person. The right things are so obvious in this world that when you see them, you know they’re the right ones. And sometimes by opposing human nature we get to know the “necessary” and “unnecessary”, learning the wisdom and the ability to let go.

Life is so full of possibilities and obstacles that everyone has to endure with, and it doesn't really matter how unfair and mean the obstacles are, just be sure that we always make a strong comeback; a comeback to the initial path which is now of greater wisdom and conscience; a comeback that makes a big difference in ourselves; a comeback that we never anticipate; and most importantly a comeback to the peaceful path…

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From left - Mei Siew, Mr Bong, Edmund, Tze Teng, San Qun, Chong Wei