Monday, July 9, 2007

What's On Your Desk?

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Slow reply I had, apologize I shall.

Without leaning forward too much, within arm's reach on your desk what are?

Very few things there are. In campus I am. Quite empty the desk is, because still early the time is...

My Computer
My Documents
My Handphone
Files and Folders
Pencil Case

Tag no one I will...

See you again I shall but not so soon it will be.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

International Chess Competition

There was this international chess competition which was held by St John Ambulance Stampin on 30 June 2007. It was open to all Gaporians and a lot of juniors and seniors were there helping to make it successful.

Most of us were not very familiar with the rules and regulations of International Chess, hence the competition wasn't carried out very smoothly.

Kelvin Thian (The school leader) was the organizer...

Those who went to help were...

1. Siong Kai
2. Ying Ying
3. Joanne
4. Wan Jiun
5. Pei Ni
6. David
7. Micheal
8. Tze Teng
9. Victor
10. Ker Sing
11. Su Han
12. Chiou Yann
13. Johnny Kua
14. Cui Han
15. Ek Guan
16. Jing Jing
17. Wei Ling
18. Kimberly
19. Grace Tee
20. Sim Yi
21. Cindy Kong
22. Doris Yii
23. Shyh Ning
24. Rachel Lim
25. Sean Chen

And there were 40 participants but only 35 were present on that day.

The competition was supposedly started at 8am but due to some unwanted circumstances it was delayed to 9am.

Initially it was group stage, also known as Time Challenge Stage, each game must be finished within 25 minutes and if the time was exceeded, a draw would be given.

At about 10.45am we started the Knock-Out Stage and the whole competition was completed before 1pm.

Like mentioned previously, most of us were not familiar with International Chess.


And some question marks were...

When a player has a lonely king left, will the opponent have limited steps to checkmate him/her?

When a player takes up a piece without making a step, is he/she obligated to complete a move for that piece? Or can he/she pull it back to its initial position?

When a game is at fault, like both the players don't notice that the king is in check and there have been a few moves after that, should they restart the game? Or should the player who is in check considered checkmated?

When there are 3 repeated moves made by a player continuously, is there something to be done?

When a pawn reach one end, can it only be converted into the unit of its own that has died, or can it be converted to anything, meaning that if a player has 8 pawns reaching the end, it can have 8 queens or 8 rooks, for instance?

And is this reasonable? Someone claimed that the fifth ranked pawn can make this kind of move...


Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Bye My Love

Do you like your boyfriend/girlfriend to always request a report from you of what have you been doing all the time?

Or do you like to report to your boyfriend/girlfriend of what you did, and what you did?

The question is...

Is it really necessary?

When both of you go for a date, what’s the first thing you do?

Do some praising like…

“Hey, I like the way you look today”
“You know what, you’re going to make me proud today”
“You look like a superstar, sweetheart”

Or we can simply become a little bit more humorous like…
“Oh my god! Is that you?”
“Wow, can you marry me?”

Or we can hurt them like…
“Sorry, I have another girl”
“I don’t like you anymore, sorry”
“You are boring, aren’t you?”
“I don’t feel like hanging out with you anymore, I think that’s all for us”

Or do you tend to ask for a report from your lover?
“What have you been doing today?”
“Tomorrow what do you do?”
“Just now you did what?”

Or perhaps when you call him/her…

“What are you doing now, dear?”
“Me ar… doing nothing lo”
“Hey, today I went to One Utama, after that I… then I… and then I… wow it was so fun you know! Then harr… I… then I… then I… then I…”

What do puppy couples do? I’m not sure how they do… but I’ve seen some of them saying something like…
“Say you love me please, say how much you love me”
“Trust me, I really love you, you’re the best and I will love you forever, dear”

It’s difficult for adult couples to say “I love you” because they just don’t simply say it out… but for those puppy kids, they tend to say it or else their partners will be unhappy…

Is your love really true? Or is it permanent?

During dating period, we used to hang out together, keeping our hands tight together, never let go, was so afraid to let you go… But when we became parents, it was weird for us to do that anymore… It’s very normal, isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other anymore, it’s just that we do not express our love in the way we did before…

Love at first sight doesn’t really work all the time and even if it does, it can’t promise anything, can it?

Before marriage everything was so sweet, but after marriage things turned bitter. Have anyone ever thought of taking precaution out of this? Or do you just love the way he/she is, and that’s it!

Just because they love the way we are, it doesn’t mean they will love those around us like our parents and so on… What if few years after your marriage, you wife/husband insists of sending your parents to old folks home? What if he/she mistreats your parents? What if your wife/husband has some unbearably bad habit that you only notice after your marriage? Just because of who they are before the marriage, it doesn’t mean that it will be who they are after the marriage, because we never get close enough to know who they really are.

Love can be permanent but we still have to admit that it is fading everyday, by a little bit especially after marriage.

First time…

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m tzeteng…”


“You look pretty today”


“We’ve known each other for 10 years, could you marry me now?”

After marriage…

“Hi, I’m back from work… Bye, I’m off to work again”


“Why don’t you look after our son/daughter? It’s your job anyway!”

Old age…

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