Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Been Long

Yeah it really has been long since I've last updated my blog. It's not because I was busy doing something else, just that my mood wasn't really onto the world of blogging recently somemore with the fact that I was really having no ideas of what to blog about. If my posts have been read through for a couple of times you might notice that I actually seldom blog about my daily life activities, hardly expressing my concealed feelings or whatsoever and I usually prefer to express my opinions about some facts and understandings of life. Well, that's exactly what I want to be, a profound philosopher. I don't profess myself as someone with great understanding of life, by the way I'm just a learner of life who tries to share what I think I know, and absorbs what I think I should know. Well that's the tzeteng at the moment and I do hope this feeling isn't a kind of "3 minutes heat", I hope it lasts long.

Talking about 3 minutes heat I seriously have to admit that I did face several occasions in which the motivation suddenly fades when it was initially seen as if things were so fired up. Just like, I still visit that site once in a while to prevent it from dying, however, little or perhaps no more enthusiasism do I have to revive it back to where it was last time.

Well, at least I still try to update my blog nowadays, maybe not as frequent as my friends do, but once in 1 or 2 months I believe is still okay right? hehe...

I'll be back to Kuching on 15 November this year and back to Penang again on 14 December which means my holidays last for about 1 month. Nothing much will be done during the holidays except spending time with friends and family and not to forget too, as usual, a gathering will be organized hopefully with more excitements and unforgotten memories this time, lol. Missing Kuching very much? Especially friends and family? Well in this case I can't really say no, but I do have to emphasize that I enjoy my life in Penang and even if I am back to Kuching I too will miss my friends and life in Penang, well it's been some time me in Penang, obviously isn't it?

Something that I face nowadays is very few people seem to believe my spoken words because most of the time I went beyond the boundary limit, terribly and unncessarily faking some facts for some unnecessary reasons. I couldn't blame anyone but myself for not being true enough most of the time, and I deserved being stared by others in suspicious manner even though I speak out the truth at times.

Other than that, I would like to emphasize on the importance of "moderation" in life. It's always important to take things in moderation, neither too far nor too near should we go. How good we measure the moderation is how much the wisdom we've got. If you want to have jokes, make it moderately, perhaps once in a while, instead of transforming your whole dialogue into jokes every time, that will certainly diminish others's beliefs towards you. When you eat, take the food in moderation instead of taking them in bulk or in extremely small quantity, that will certainly spoil your appetite sooner or later. If you want to show that you care about someone, be wise enough and never do a character that is not you, because you might cause others to feel uncomfortable and disgusted with such an unusual habit. When you study about something, never ever be too obsessed unless you are aware of where your boundary limit is, otherwise it might bring long term adverse effect to you although you might have achieved what you want, attaining temporary inner satisfaction, nevertheless destroying your other happinesses that never have you speculated. If you start a habit of sleeping late, let it be due to some reasons instead of treating it as your long term habit. To describe it as a routine that can be hardly changed is just a lame excuse, things are just up to your preferance and determination. Sleeping late I believe deteriorates our health and making ourselves lazier and lazier. That's why moderation is very important in life. Nurture it in your mind, your soul and I believe you can make a positive difference in yourself not only mentally, physically as well. Even though you take something more than usual at times, still, make it in the range of moderation that is humanly conceiveable. Life with moderation is a life worthwhile living.

So that's all for now, just a "short" update from me. I wish my juniors who are going to seat for SPM and STPM all the best and get straight A1s in SPM and 4.00 in STPM then come USM hehe... though with such great results you can always go for better choices.

Erm... lastly, there's again something as usual like I did last time, but anyway anyhow this is the latest one so if you're interested in answering my questions about how much you know me, then go ahead with it.

Here's it...

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Best Regards

tzeteng aka Javier Saviola
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