Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Lack of Patience

I can’t deny that I lose my patience at times. I don’t really like queuing up long waiting for my turn, I don’t like listening to lectures for hours and sometimes will just skip them as I like, I can’t wait for weekends and public holidays to come, I would not let my favorite tasks to be completed and presented within long period because I want the outcome to be seen almost immediately.

Impatience will kill a person. Because of impatience, you make no choice for yourself but to think and do something in lesser time than others, in the end, things might just not work out 100% as wanted. Because of impatience, you tend to be emotional, and you restrict your mind from digesting, and then you just can’t adhere to the rationality. Sometimes, impatience might just ruin whole your life even though you’re not really someone with bad personalities.

Being emotional, impatient, depressed and sticking with other kind of negative behaviors are obviously something that we never can control well if we are not a firm positive thinker. It’s not easy to be a true positive thinker, and it’s never easy.

Say, you’re about to drive through a traffic light, while the light is green and you’re just a short distance away, you would almost definitely press the fuel harder once the light turns orange. There’re few reasons of doing so, you might not want to wait for another green, or you might not want to waste your fuel while your car is static, or perhaps you’re rushing. Most of the time we find it safe to do it that way, however a little bit did we realize, in inner, we’re gradually losing the ideal of patience, nurturing an extra bit of impatience which indirectly affects other aspects we face in life.

Impatience makes us lose our temper and rationality, doesn’t it? Some things in life require spontaneous response and not much thought. But most of the time, actions require considerable thoughts, and why are humans so stingy to spend longer time, to ponder the course of their actions? Losing temper is another form of impatience, if you lose it, you lose yourself. And when you lose yourself, you might just lose other precious elements in your life. But sometimes human attitudes are just too awkward and too much until we cannot resist ourselves from losing patience towards them. And sometimes life seems so unfair, especially when people around you are being unfair to you (if you’re being sensitive). A friend of mine told me this, “Either take it or leave it”, for instance if someone keeps mouth-fouling you, take a deep breath and think for awhile, if you take it seriously, who would be the one victimized eventually? If you leave it reasonably, you’re actually building stronger shield in your mind.

Sometimes, when there’s no firm awareness in our mind, emotionality seems to take over the rationality within us. At first, you think you’re rational enough, when the first attack comes, you start being doubtful and your mind gets a little unstable. When the second attack comes, emotionality starts taking over and once it happens, 90% chance you’re already being condemned in negativity. In this case, prevention is better than cure. A wise person will never let himself trapped in emotionality. Because if he really is trapped, only time can heal. A friend of mine told me this, “When you’re being emotional, it’s the “feeling” that controls your “mind” and actions, and when you’re rational, your mind controls your thoughts and feelings”. So the best way is still to prevent, start by building awareness.

Personally, I admit that I’ve been through a lot of negativities regardless of thoughts or actions, and now I’m trying my best to delve deeper into positive areas in my life, looking for best ways to bring out the positive me which I hope will discharge the negativities of people around me. I’ve said before that I’m a very sensitive guy, nevertheless not able to make myself be any less sensitive, the only way I could do is to be sensitive with more mature sense.

I still fail to cope with myself sometimes, and to be honest, the reason I’m writing this is also to make myself think better. By expressing my thoughts and opinions this way, I believe will unclamp some positive thinking in my mind. And for those who’re reading this, I would like to apologize for my unthoughtful actions and deeds if there’s any, and sorry for being impatient, emotional, and overly sensitive at times.

That’s all for now, it took months for me to update my blog, hehe…

Everyone's learning... You learn, I learn, we learn, they learn...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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