Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Penang Trip

I haven’t been updating my blog for almost half year. Self-demotivated, unfilial, half conscious, and guilty are the words I will use to describe myself for the recent past. Anyway, it wouldn’t help much by lingering too much on the past. Mistakes done are done. The important thing is now, who I am now and the way I am dealing with myself right now. I am the constant reminder for myself, the right track keeper and also the decider of my own life. To do things the right way, to think in the right manner and to realize life’s a learning path are not easy things to accomplish, it needs great perseverance and we need to remind ourselves from time to time that we are on the right track. Don’t slip!

Last holiday (Hari Raya), a few of my old friends came to Penang and they are Su Han, Lee Ping, Maw Jin and another Su Han’s Friend, Pik Ching (Wrongly spelt). Su Han and her friend initially reached my campus and were brought for a short sight-seeing around the campus. We cycled around the campus. They were fortunate to have taken some memorable photos.

Soon, we met up with Lee Ping and Maw Jin who stayed exactly on Penang Island, at Ying Ying’s Rented house. Haven’t had I mentioned that my campus is actually located about 1 hour distance from Penang Island, so we only waited till the next day before all the friends met up together. Lee Ping, MJ, Su Han and her friend were brought to quite some famous places, and they’ve basically tried most of the famous food. Hope they really enjoyed the trip. I’m not going to spend more time on describing what places have they visited and what have they done in Penang. The photos will tell.

Before I forget,we also met Chee Yung and his girl friend. A group photo including Su Han and her friend, Lee Ping, Maw Jin, Siong Kai, Ying Ying, Chee Yung and his girl friend, and me! was taken just at the place we gathered. The person who took the group photo for us was one of our old friends who helped to arrange the entire trip. Yeah, those who joined the trip will definitely know who he is. Those who don't know, play the guess. He is too reluctant to take a single photo and that's why his photo is barely found here.

Please don't hold a grudge against me! I know I didn't ask for permission before putting your photos on my blog, like I usually did.Hehe

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From left - Mei Siew, Mr Bong, Edmund, Tze Teng, San Qun, Chong Wei