Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Group Went Visiting 2

I started this blog 2 years ago, during the period of CNY 2007. BIG GROUP WENT VISITING 1 was published that time, and the following was supposed to be posted last year, 2008.

This year, there was a big group of us includes

1. Wan Jiun
2. Wen Liang
3. Siong Kai
4. Ying Ying
5. Maw Jin
6. Lee Ping
7. Chiung Lin
8. Micheal
9. David
10. Evelyn
11. Hui Xin
12. Chang Ted
13. Kevin
14. Alice
15. Melissa
16. Su Han
17. Chiou Yann
18. Lee Sze

and me... I'm not supposed to consider myself in because I stopped visiting after the 2nd house. First destination was Chiou Yann's house, followed by Alice, then mine...

Everyone is pretty much the same...

Siong Kai... still as cool as usual...

MJ... still with that kind of "Oh Yeah" expression...

A lot of chit chats took place when everyone met up. If you do notice from the name list, Pei Ni is missing out from the list this year. She is instead having her CNY in Singapore... Wui Ngiap, Nguan Soon and Joanne too were not joining us... How did Edmund celebrate CNY at his place?

Time flies... do you remember what were you doing this time 2 years ago? No, I don't. But I do realize the clock is ticking very fast. Try observe the physical and mental change in people around us, our parents, relatives and our dear friends. Our parents grow noticeably older, if you happen to get home just very once in awhile, and the younger brothers and sisters, and cousins, grow noticeably bigger in physical, if you only meet them once in awhile...

And you yourself... how much is changing?

Several shots of the day...

And lastly, a group photo grabbed from Mr. Kevin, the smart guy above wearing spectacular spectacle.

Happy Chinese New Year :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Shooting in front of mirror

This is what happens when the flash light is directed straight to the face. The mirror will reflect back exactly the same amount of light that reaches its surface and start to expand again, which is the same thing as the normal on-board flash which can only flash to the front.

It's different story when you point the flash head somewhere else rather than direct to the subject. Lets adjust the head 90 degrees to the side where there's a white surface wall that will bounce back a very much softer light, brightening the subject in a more natural manner. In this case, there's slightly a shadow on the other side of the subject where there is no light coming from, especially if the bouncing is halted by the dark surface of wall from the opposite.

This is what happens when you bounce the light up to the white ceiling and the light will bounce back in scattering form, brightening the subject almost as a whole.

45 degrees up!

45 degrees down!



Do you see the difference?

Chinese New Year's Eve

I came back to Kuching on the day before Chinese New Year's Eve using Airasia, having a long bus trip for about 4 hours from my campus, Nibong Tebal to Duta, Kuala Lumpur. Reached KL in the afternoon, and like usual, taxi and skybus were the transports used to reach LCCT. Exactly four of us were going back together on the same date, same time. They're Hua Ming, Siew Siew, Angeline and me.

Like usual, in the process of waiting for plane's arrival, I couldn't resist my strong desire to have a click and snap.

Siew Siew, my coursemate. (At LCCT)

Hua Ming, my junior from other course, also my roommate. (In the bus)

Angeline, junior coursemate of mine. (At LCCT)

The next day, on cny eve, my brother brought along her girlfriend to have lunch together with my family. I don't have a chance to take a shot of my parents as they tend to avoid the camera

Simple dishes that made up our day.

Below are some photos of my brother and his girlfriend.

I never mentioned about my bro's gf's name. Her name is Rubbie.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shooting Portraits

While hanging out at shopping complex, I managed to take a few snapshots of this lady who is also a close coursemate of mine, Siew Siew. I tried to adjust the setting on external flash to get a suitable lighting condition for each shot which I felt my achievement still isn't quite satisfactory so far.

The photos uploaded were basically taken with the canon 580ex2. There was actually sufficient light for me to take those portraits without the assistance of the flash but I still prefer to use it, hopefully to see the difference.

The difference between with and without an external flash unit.

Comments (negative/positive) will be greatly appeaciated as I'm still learning in the world of photography.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More portraits

Portrait Shots

Recently taken several portrait shots using 50mm F1.8 prime lens, with assistance of external flash. The 50mm lens itself provides adequate bokeh, and the image is kinda sharp. Cropping and editing included.

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