Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Coursemates (5 out of 80)

This is certainly just for fun, at least something that I wish could accomplish before completing my study in Uni, briefly introducing and describing all my coursemates in the blog. Those I think I know them well, I will lengthen my description and contrary to those I know not so well.

First of all, Penang-ite Koon Teik, a photography enthusiastic who looks very steady and some say, one of the most good looking guy from our year. He's a good and intelligent quick thinker, and though at times he might make a little sloppy decision, still he makes a good decision maker. He's a very understanding person and can be a real good listener and a great friend to have. Patience is one thing that he lacks though.

Hooi Yee from KL, one of the prettiest coursemates of my batch. I'm not really close with her, but in my opinion, she's an extraordinary girl who has an ideal aim in mind. I'd been her groupmate once and she made a pretty good leader, very precise at doing her works and managing things quite well. She's one of those who top the list in Dean's list chart of our school.

Chee Keng from Pahang, a quiet, cool, and very calm person who is extremely unpredictable at times. He carries a peaceful mind with him everyday, hardly voicing out a word throughout the ongoing conversation amongst friends. He never seems likely to lose his temper except when you see him at basketball court he will show some bizarre but lovely attitudes. A Liverpool fan he is, the enemy of my favourite football club.

Johorian Tee Yian, a very generous friend who never dares to reject others. He's a knowledgeable guy with a good memory. Visiting gym is one of the chores he will never miss every week and if you have a chance to meet him, you could vividly notice his brawny arms. His attitudes are somewhat amusing and he is like playing a role of comedian in real life situation.

Alex Poi from KL, a smart and awesome looking guy with a very settled mind and though not close with him, I think that he's a very firm guy because he looks very calm and steady all the time. One thing that worths mentioning is his ability to dance very well, has performed in several important occassions in our school and did show some outstanding performance.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009



Recently Ker Pei has helped me alot, I mean as a poser. Hope he doesn't mind me putting up the photos of his elegant and engineered look.

Took most of them in our campus. Any comments are welcome, and sincere thanks to Joshua who helped me control the lighting and so on.
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From left - Mei Siew, Mr Bong, Edmund, Tze Teng, San Qun, Chong Wei