Monday, May 25, 2009

Semenggoh Trip

There was a short trip to Semenggoh to see Orang Utan last Saturday which was joined by a few friends together, Alvin, Siew Siew, Kennedy, Chee Khoon, Alexis and me. The entrance fee is RM3 without student card and RM1.50 otherwise. Other than us, there were also a few groups of foreign visitors whom I guess showed much more prevailing curiousity than the local us. We managed to arrive just before the feeding time and the deep entrance was still close and we have to wait for awhile before we could get in. I was told earlied by David that the feeding time is at 10am and 3pm, we were there in the afternoon.

Once it's open, we started our jungle trekking and received warm welcome from those orang utan.

There weren't a lot of them, if I'm not mistaken there're 6 to 10 and most of them are very small sized, the eldest is the grandma. We weren't allowed to take our bottles out as they might grab them from us.

So here they come...

And many of us were staring with eyes widened, and with feeling of awe.

There are more photos but sorry to say that some of them are censored. So, I guess that's all for the trip and post this time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a miracle!

Last night, a friend of mine wanted me to try using a type of soap which she described as powerful and has miraculous effect. I was asked to use it immediately, so to her satisfaction, I accepted. I thought she was merely giving too much exaggeration on the product she was offering, but after 2 hours there comes a surprise, that something I never thought would have happened to me...

This is the result that shows a vivid change on my skin, especially my face...

I find the soap so effective that it doesn't bring any side effect at all... However, I did not thank my friend for what she did because I know everything is just surreal and I am still the same me, with the same appearance.

Nothing changed, and there is no such thing as miraculous soap or whatever facial cream, what changes the whole thing is just Portrait Professional Software.

Guess 1

It is my favourite quote which sounds like this...

"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."

Where do you think it comes from?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Having my internship

Recently, I've been having inadequate time (but not busy) to attach myself to the keyboard for doing all those online chores. I'm currently having a 3 months training in one of the engineering consultant firms in Kuching, known as Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) and I find most of the people in the company very friendly and helpful. In general, there're a few sections in the company that are always connected to each other. They're civil section dealing with all those civil works like drainage system, flood medication, hydrology, highway and so on, structural section dealing with those structural design works, geotechnical section dealing with things related to soil, and water section dealing with those pipeline system, for water supply and waste water management and fyi, I'm in water section. In every sections there are section's head, engineers and draftpersons and the company is owned by 4 directors.

I can't say I've learnt a lot throughout the 2 weeks past there but I will definitely challenge myself to give out the best, at least explore myself to what am I capable of, and what type of job styles suit me best. I've literally wasted 1 year of my uni life by being an extremely unethical scholar and I'm gonna feel remorse no more but to keep moving forward for reformation, to see my light eventually. I will strive to regain those knowledge that I was reluctant to pick up last time, in a wise way and not to lose myself again.

Anyway, that's all for my post this time and I know it's kinda short of content but anyway, some of my favourite photos that I would like to share for this week...

This is Siew Siew's brother's gf who looks so elegant.

Alexis who always looks that good...

Alexis and Siew Siew...

Siew Siew... waiting for someone...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

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