Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY 2010 Snaps

Some individual shots

Lil 2yrs old cousin


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Out of Focus

What could have happened to the teenager who came to peninsular few years ago to pursue his dream?

His life is a lot more different now than before, having piled up his mind with complexities and confusions. His life has been constantly fluctuating, sometimes he can concentrate on what he does, sometimes he can't, and most of the time he can't.

He's totally out of focus isn't he?

**I wish I could be asleep for years and wake up later as a fully revived guy with an enhanced attitude but that is not possible at all because by then things will never have changed and I will turn out being the most irresponsible guy. And because life is all about learning and exploring that's why even though I don't know what have actually gone wrong to me, or even though I know where my problems lie on, I just couldn't stop there and give up.

Don't be a slack guy who spend half of his lifespan thinking the unnecessary.

Be firm, clear-minded, and most important focus!

"Sometimes in life we will find ourselves drown in the state of complacency, but it doesn't matter because you need to find your way back again. So, Ngiam, just be focused okay", told one of my great lecturers who have yet to see any improvement in me.

"Be strict to yourself, time is always there for something important and meaningful. Don't waste it.", told one of my best pals.

**I'll be a complete fool if I were to neglect those awakening quotes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Over & over

I told myself repeatedly that I should be doing what I should have started doing long time ago and eventually I haven't.

I reminded myself to start caring for what I should have started caring long time ago and eventually I haven't.

I thought to myself about how my parents turn down their own happiness to build mine because that's what their happiness is all about, and the thought vanishes and I am still the slack guy.

I watched everyone surging forward with their own steady tempos and I wished I could follow, but I'm still the same guy who did not charge.

I asked myself almost everyday if I have an ambition to achieve, it all came to nothing and I'm still that guy who doesn't know what he really wants.

What that guy really wants in his mind is very simple, what he can all think about is a general success. But how can he become successful without a specific aim and proper mindset? A goal is amazingly an element that drives people forward in life... without a goal post, you can't score!

It's pointless dribbling the field out of nothing when you can't actually see your goal post. That is exactly the circumstance that the guy is in now, or is he not?

He seems to be pretty enjoying his moment of wallowing around in nowhere.
After all, he has come this far and he just can't stop there.

Isn't now the time for him to start pretending like an adult?

Find your way back, or at least find your way somewhere.

All the best!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life without soul

I'm increasingly trapped in a subconscious mind, falling asleep, half asleep, and then asleep again and I know something is going really really wrong but I just couldn't find a solution to it right now.
One should reckon the pressure is mounting because I'm not the type of guy who just has too little things to bother, I do have certain important responsibilities, just like others. In fact it feels like I've given up my routines, daily chores, and my aim.

No longer I see myself living an ambitious life trying to be a better person who looks for self improvement day by day. I'm completely lost in the midst of becoming a perfectionist... really lost... and in fact no one else but me can help myself. My life is completely off-track now, with my poor damned soul wallowing nowhere near in sight.

When I saw those people working day and night, week after week repetitively to earn a living regardless of what professions they held, I questioned my self integrity. If they can do it, why can't you?

I was there, vowing to myself to change for better, but things don't get better.
I was there, trying to get some inspirations for myself, nothing gets better as well.

Will my life last in a manner that is least expected?
Or... can I still attempt to make a turning point that has resounding impact on the rest of my life?

Help yourself, Tze Teng...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Special Gift by REEBONZ

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