Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do we want in life

We can't possess many things in life, but we can choose to let go some things in life. Knowing what you really want is much more important than knowing that you're great for having done some great things in life.

Life is endless and sluggish when you pay less attention to people's advice, show no interest to the things you do and even live a life with no aim to achieve. , In contrary, life seems much faster when we know how to appreciate the things and people around us and learn to treasure what we're doing.

Each second counts and while we're still living, our task is to ensure it's spent wisely. Spend more time knowing yourself, find your weaknesses and repair them, and never stop amending yourself.

Life is not easy, indeed it has never been easy. If this moment you're feeling uncomfortable with what you're doing, get rid of that for awhile and re-think what is best for you, in a rational manner. If the best for you is getting out from what you're doing because that's not the dream you're chasing, then go ahead achieve your dream.

If what you're doing is the dream you're chasing, then don't let your dream be shaken off so easily. Stay in and don't give up because you only grow when you encounter obstacles.

A good life always comes with a good thought...

So, find the wisdom in your living...

A comeback

Having written "Peace" 3 years ago while it's still pretty fresh in my mind now, I reckon I'm trying to make a "comeback" now. I'm not gonna and don't wanna be a wicked passion guy.

Not gonna let this be lengthy because the next one will be.
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From left - Mei Siew, Mr Bong, Edmund, Tze Teng, San Qun, Chong Wei