Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Night Scenes at VivoCity

Having dined with my friends at Sushi Tei located in VivoCity which is an hour distance away from my current home stay Yishun, I quite fortunately came across an opportunity to catch a few night shots by my 2 months old LX-5 compact camera.

Being perpetually a die hard Canon fan, the decision of spending a moderate sum of money on other brand does seem to be a little out of norm but it fell on the fact that it was just a choice of compact camera. If it were a DSLR, I will never have slipped to alternative brand. 100% no to other brand.

I made some important comparisons between several high end compact cameras and it turned out LX-5 fitted my criteria. I will write on my own a brief review about this camera when I begin to grip its features better. 2 months together with me but it is yet to get intimate with me, and I knew my hectic working days should take all the blame.

For the moment being, I will post some photos of night scenery taken around VivoCity at that night.

The Panasonic Lumix LX-5

Sunday, November 21, 2010

6 months in Singapore

Having worked for almost 6 months in Singapore so far has let me forgotten some of the past things that I have never wanted to forget. I seem to grow older quicker and indeed, working as an engineer does seem exhaustive as ever. Engineering is not just about problem solving, it carries more than that and you need constant consciousness and good management to make sure everything happens around is all under your control. I reckon this doesn't just apply to engineers but too to other persons working at other areas.

If it's your dream, then go and achieve it. If you coincide with heavy hurdles, don't let yourself get carried away and never let your dream fade.

Instill strong principles and good disciplines in your daily chores. Before you can even think of becoming successful, you need to deal with yourself before dealing with others. Mind your attitude, and look at things from a wide perspective. How you get things under control counts on how to get your mind under control.

Always believe in changes, and have faith in yourself and others for all the changes that are going to take place. Nothing is fixed as even a mountain could change its shape and lose its topography and why should we not change for the sake of goodness? If we were born without feet we still could make the pace. If we were born without great intelligence, we could still make a better living. If we were born to be introvert, believe that no one is born that way. Thrust your way to become more extrovert! If we were born to be in poverty, thank god for giving us a chance to treasure our living in an absolute modest way.

Be positive, and be thankful because all the events serve some purposes. For good or bad reasons, we still make a learning.

I'm 24 now, and I concede myself as a slow and slacking learner who has yet to step on a firm track. For the time being, I barely behave like a good and constant learner or neither do I look like someone who will succeed in the near future.

But, I do want to make sure that faith and hope are always implanted in my thought, I'm not trying to wait for miracle to happen. I am trying my best to make a change for change.

Anyway, several photos are posted here after accidentally bumping off Orchard Street on some particular date. Take your chance to have a glance.

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From left - Mei Siew, Mr Bong, Edmund, Tze Teng, San Qun, Chong Wei