Thursday, December 30, 2010

A dangerous call

So... this is a very close look to my life as a site engineer.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

EOS 400d 9 AF Points

A point of view from the compact LX5, shot through the optical glass of 85mm F1.8 lens. The 400d has now become a rarity, being the predecessor of other similar models such as 450d and 550d. It was once at its prime, where nowadays it has lost a bit of prestige having been superseded by the newer models.

That is how the body of a DSLR system sticks to the ongoing trends. The body keeps on changing and upgrading at quick pace, and the lens stays still and await for the callback.

My 3 years old 85mm is still alive today. Still strong in taking some great quality portraits even though it is only mounted on the 400d. It could do much better on a full frame DSLR especially on 5d markII which has reasonable noise level even at very high ISO setting. This allows comfortable shooting at low light condition without the need of using tripod and I don't have to worry about getting any shaky image.

ISO400, F2.8 1/200sec by 85mm F1.8 on EOS400d

ISO400, F4 1/25sec by 50mm F1.8 on EOS400d

Saturday, December 25, 2010

More LX5 Macro

Tried macro at home... wish I could have some fabulous rings to shoot at...

ISO 80, F5, 1.6 sec long exposure

ISO 80, F2.8, 2.0 sec long exposure

ISO 80, F2.5, 2.0 sec long exposure

ISO 80, F5.0, 1.3 sec long exposure

ISO 100, F5.6, 1.3 sec long exposure

The above were again shot by the P&S DMC-LX5 camera. The image quality is not that bad after all, and it's macro ability certainly reserves its place in top ranking for high end P&S macro photography. Not to mention about pure Leica series, LX5 could bring down other similar P&S camera such as canon G12 and the coolpix P7000.

Finally, would like to end the macro topic with some photos of hers. The watermarked was shot by my EOS400d.

It's Santa Moment

Took this shot when the ticker struck 12. The LX5 does possess a strong macro ability not just to shoot clear macro like this, a focus range as close as 10mm just between the object and the glass is such an overwhelming factor. (Wondering if any scratches incurred, since the objects have hit the glass multiple times)

The engrossment of the eve was fully displaced to this small little town in Singapore, Orchard. Almost fully compacted, it seemed.

Yee Chien and I
went down to took the air once we got off from work, as early as 9.30pm, as usual. It was tight and we simply couldn't catch our breath by squeezing through the crowd. Worse, we didn't even bother to catch a glimpse on the happening around.

Got home at eleven. Perhaps spending a precious and peaceful Christmas night at home commemorating the birth of Jesus is somewhat better than joining the vigorous crowd whom celebration is just for the sake of celebration.
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